Pike County Residents Voice Concerns Over Pike County Jail Proposals

Pike County residents had the opportunity to voice their concerns Tuesday over proposals for a new jail.

Several different options are being considered, ranging from $19 million to $30 million.

Tuesday afternoon was the first of two public meetings scheduled this week where residents would get their first look at two of those proposals.

“The presentation is going to consist of the methodology, the engagement, what we were hired to do, how we went about doing it, what our findings were and what our conclusions are,” TCU Consulting’s Ken Upchurch says.

TCU was hired by the County Commission to research costs, areas, and needs.

After the presentation, residents asked questions about sites and costs.

“It was a great meeting,” resident Keith Roling says. “I thank the commissioners for putting it on. I think Mr Upchurch did a great job of outlining everything thats going on here today, and I think its a great move forward for Pike County.”

The Commission will use the study and resident’s concerns to determine which site will fill the need of the community.

“The Pike County Commission will take the information that we’ve provided, they will discuss it, they will entertain your comments and the citizens comments from all over pike county as they make their decision,” Upchurch said during the meeting.

There are about eight options to choose from.

A second public meeting is scheduled for Thursday night at the Pike County Courthouse’s main courtroom.

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