Hoover Mall Shooting Victim’s Parents Calling For Release of Officer’s Name

Two weeks after the Attorney General’s office decided not to charge the police officer who shot Hoover Mall shooting victim Emantic “EJ” Bradford, Jr, his parents are asking for the release of the officer’s name.

Bradford’s parents stood beside their attorney and members of the ACLU and NAACP to announce they are giving the Attorney General’s office ten days to release the information before they plan to take action in the Alabama court system.

“I suggest we take this very serious, because justice has not been served,” EJ’s mother April Pipkens says.

The family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, criticized the Attorney General’s office for not releasing  the information sooner.

“It’s a shame that this family will have to take legal action just to know the police officer that killed their son,” Crump says.

They’re also asking for other information from the investigation, including all body camera video and other evidence.
“There is simply no reason not to release this information, air it out in the public and be transparent,” ACLU Executive Director Randall Marshall says.

EJ’s parents say they want equal justice for their son.
“These unnecessary shootings need to stop,” Bradford, Sr says. “If we don’t change the narrative right now for my child, it could be yours, your brother, your sister, your mother, an innocent bystander.”

Marshall says he’s not sure whether the family will sue in a Montgomery court or a Jefferson County court, where the shooting took place. Those details will be released soon.

Civil Rights organizations are planning a march on the Capitol Steps March 5th for Bradford.

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