What Are Charter Schools?

By definition a charter school is a public school that received public funds. The difference is a charter school is managed by a private board of directors.

“the bussing retaining the food services janitorial services the way the grass is cut the way the building is maintained. The things that actually make the machine work retain.””they have to teach the state course of study, which is approved by our alabama state board of education, other than that they can choose their method of delivery, they can choose their own textbooks they can choose their own curriculum.”

The big question is what happens in a chater school that makes it different from a public school.

“in terms of curriculum, in terms of culture, how you handle truancy, how you handle discipline, how you encourage and strengthen the resolve of the students and the families, how you engage the families all of those things in terms of the actual school itself would change”

The charter is an agreement with the state or district school board outlining how change will be implemented and success measured..State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey tells me what happens when charter schools don’t meet expectations.

“if the charter operator doesn’t meet those parameters that are set out by the board in the contract they the board has the opportunity to come in and just discontinue the contract”

Those are the rules for a stand alone charter school, but what happens if a conversion charter school like the ones proposed last week don’t meet expectations? “those students and the school facilities, because the school board owns the facilities, all that reverts back to the county school board.

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