Alabama Virtual Academy Helps Prattville Student Balance it All at the Alabama Dance Theatre

A Prattville dance student is taking big steps in her education.

Dance is a big part of 15-year-old Abigail Barr’s life. She spends most of her time at the Alabama Dance Theatre.

“On Monday’s I’m here from like 3:50 to 7:30. On Tuesday’s 3:50 to 8:30 and it’s kind of like that throughout the week,” says Barr.

Barr manages to juggle school in a non-traditional way, with the help of Alabama Virtual Academy. The online public school is tuition – free with certified Alabama teachers and tons of resources.

“I’ve really enjoyed how Alabama Virtual Academy gives me the adaptability so I can move my schedule around. There’s a lot of wiggle room in terms of when I do math. When I do science,” says Barr.

Barr’s mom, Wei Barr says many people do not know about the school. She recommends it to others – like military families who are searching for different options.

“It has really taught her that she has to take charge of her schedule and she has done a very good good job doing that,” says Barr.

“Having that virtual academy and being able to do what I need to and when I need to is really getting me the opportunity to work ahead and do things that I might not ordinarily be able to do at a brick and mortar school.”

Working ahead is exactly what she is doing.

“She has taken on a AP class and she is taking dual enrollment class at Faulkner’s honor program,” says Wei Barr.

She is able to focus on her dance career a bit more because of Alabama Virtual Academy.

3,000 students are currently enrolled at Alabama Virtual Academy.

To learn more about the academy click here. 

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