Get an Inside Look at Alabama News Network’s Thunder Truck

Chances are, you’ve seen the Alabama News Network Thunder Truck driving through a parade or parked at a school. But you may have wondered what type of weather technology is on the inside.

Thunder Truck is a fully-equipped severe weather studio on wheels. You’ll find everything from computers and cameras to weather data collectors and TV broadcasting equipment on board.

This truck is critical in bringing you the type of severe weather coverage you expect from your Weather Authority team of meteorologists. We can do more than just chase storms after they strike. We can forecast severe weather while we’re on the road and bring it to you Live as we travel Alabama’s roadways.

Check out the video as Weather Authority Meteorologist Ryan Stinnett opens the doors and gives you a look. Then watch for Live reports from Thunder Truck on CBS 8 and ABC 32 anytime severe weather threatens Central, West or South Alabama.

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