Incoming Industry Representatives Answer the Question “Why Pike County?”

New industries bring new opportunities.

That means more jobs and investments into our local economies.

Monday, Pike county residents got to hear from incoming industry officials directly about why they chose Pike County.

It was part of the Chamber of Commerce’s Business Development Breakfast.

“What these representatives looked for in not only a location but also a qualified labor force in their location,” Chamber President Dana Sander says.

Rex Lumber and Kimber Manufacturing are a few months away from opening their doors.
Rex Lumber’s Jared Banta says they chose to construct in Pike County because it met all of the qualifications they were looking for, including hospitality from local residents.

“We liked our experience in Pike County so well,” Banta says. “We liked that their responsiveness to our needs , understanding us as a business.”

Wood availability and no competition also led to the easy decision for Rex officials, who chose Troy over Arkansas and Louisiana sites.

“Pike County was one of them, and there was a massive hole around here that needed to be filled.”

The family-owned saw mill company will invest 100 million dollars into the community and add about 115 jobs to the labor force.

Kimber Manufacturing officials also say they plan to invest in the education system.

“As far as the education system and everything, we knew we could draw on that,” Kimber Vice-President of Manufacturing Scott Moore says.

He says there were other factors that led to the decision.
“We knew it was a very gun friendly state, that people had a respect for firearms, rifles and hand guns and that probably could draw from that population,” Moore says.

The gun manufacturing company will add about 366 jobs and invest 38 million into the county.

“Our intention is to double our business over the next 5-10 years and our intention is to hire as many capable folks in the area as possible. ”

Kimber Manufacturing is expecting to be fully operational around May 1st. Rex Lumber is on schedule to open June 15th.

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