FEMA Opens 4 Mobile Intake Centers in Lee County

Senator Doug Jones got a first hand look at the devastation today. About 20 agencies and 100 or so people are helping with the recovery effort. The areas of the Beauregard community that took the worst of the EF-4 tornado lie in ruins.

Despite the loss of life and physical possessions, the spirit of resilience among those in the community remains strong. The death toll remains at 23, and 4 people are still in the hospital but expected to fully recover.

Chainsaws can be heard in the distance from all directions. The steady beep-beep of construction vehicles as they back into place to continue work on power poles and telephone lines is constant. There are many volunteers and organizations at ground zero to ensure that those working are fed and hydrated properly.

EMA director Brian Hastings says people should not come to this area of Lee County if they are not there for specific reasons such as volunteering. One resident, we spoke with said the sympathy and food is all great, but they really need people helping with the brunt work of moving downed trees and scattered debris.

FEMA has set up four mobile intake centers around Lee County. Residents are urged to go http://www.fema.gov for information on where those intake centers are located, or call 1-800-621-FEMA.

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