What’s Next as Governor Kay Ivey’s Proposed Gas Tax Increase Heads to the the Alabama Senate Floor?

Alabama’s roads and bridges could finally see changes, if governor Kay Ivey’s proposed gas tax increase becomes law.  The bill passed the senate committee today and heads to the senate floor for consideration.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says the bill could pass as early as Tuesday.

“A special session only allows those issues that the governor puts in the call to be addressed so they can’t hide behind any other issues,” says Flowers.

Last week Governor Ivey’s 10 cent a gallon gas tax proposal was approved by the Alabama House of Representatives with an 83-20 vote.

“In that vote of the 77 Republicans, only 18 of the 77 voted against the package. Only 2 of the 28 Democrats,” says Flowers.

Flowers says the strong support from Democratic legislators speaks volumes as the governor’s proposed bill continues to move quickly.

“I think Governor Ivey has a rapport and relationship with legislators. She has actually endeared herself and worked those legislators,” says Flowers.

Flowers says, there may not be any surprises as the bill moves to the Alabama Senate floor.

“I expect 30 out of the 35 senators will vote for it. Again shows a very strong support for Governor Ivey in her first real strong endeavor of the quadrennium.

If given the green light, the increase would take effect over the next 3 years.

“I think this is the right thing for the state to do, to move forward. You can’t increase economic expenditures without roads,” says Flowers.

Governor Kay Ivey called a special session last week for lawmakers to focus solely on the proposed gas tax hike.

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