Parents and Local Experts Talk Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a tough conversation.  But some local parents know that it has to be done.

“This is an issue going on all over the United States. It’s not just Montgomery. It’s not just Alabama. This is all over the world,” says parent Valerie Beaulieu.

Local experts led a panel discussion, giving parents the signs to look for in their children. Sharon Beeman of the Family Sunshine Center trains people who work with children to combat the problem.

“It’s teaching people to understand the risk factors and the warning signs when concerning suicide. It’s also helping people to understand the resources that we have that are local so once they identify them as being suicidal, they know what to do,” says Beeman.

Just like many, Lee High School Principal Lorenzo Pharram,  says he does not want to see more lives lost to suicide.

“Currently at Lee we have between 8 and 12….10 and 12 students a month who have suicidal idealizations. Those are just the students who are identified. We certainly know the number is much higher than than that,” says Pharrams.

“This whole suicide thing part of the way to solve that is handle the reason why they’re doing it. The reason behind the suicide. Most of them it’s bullying,” says Beaulieu.

Experts say, it’s all about coming together and not turning a blind eye to this growing issue.

“If everybody is looking for the same thing, we can build a safety net under those children and we can get them the help that they need,” says Beeman.

“We want to make sure that they’re not just being successful academically but looking at them holistically and making certain that they’re being successful even after they leave these four walls,” says Pharrams.

For more information on suicide prevention click here. 

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