Local College Students React To National University Entrance Exam Scandal

The college entrance exam scandal involving wealthy parents and college coaches is sending shock waves around universities.

Dozens of wealthy parents, including well-known actresses, are being charged in the college admissions scam.

Some of those parents paid up to six and a half million dollars to get their children accepted to top universities.

“I really feel like it’s unfair because you have the common student that really don’t have the finances like the rich student that really has to basically grind it out more and and they have a hard time,” Troy student Corey Mitchell says.

With thousands of high school seniors applying for enrollment in the coming months, some universities only accept a certain amount of students per year.
Current college students say the actions of those involved in the scandal is unfair to those who try to gain admission to the school legally.

“College is getting extremely competitive and students who were already working hard have to do even more so to get into the college of their choice,” Troy senior Pamela Claire Fenn says.

College coaches reportedly have allowed some of the children on to athletic teams, even though those students don’t play sports.
Fenn says she would like to see changes in the entrance exam process to avoid these scams from happening again.

“The organizations could do a lot better of monitoring the test taking process and change how those individual tests are administered.”

Its unclear whether all students involved knew about the scandal. Mitchell says for those students that know about the scheme, action should be taken.

“I really feel as if they’re going to do it like that then we should have replacement test and have the actual student take it instead of the ones who they hired to take it,” Mitchell says.

Federal prosecutors say there could be more arrests in the coming days.
“Full House” star Lori Loughlin and “Desperate Housewives” actress Felicity Huffman are two of the dozens of wealthy parents accused in the alleged scheme that lasted nearly a decade.

No one from Troy University was involved in the scandal.

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