More First-Hand Looks At Tornado Devastation In Lee County

You don’t have to travel far into Lee County before running into flattened homes, and piles of debris.  Still less than two weeks after a devastating EF-4 tornado tore through the area, we’re still getting more first hand looks at the widespread devastation in Beauregard and surrounding communities.

Wednesday, chief meteorologists from Alabama News Network and Bluewater Broadcasting surveyed some extensive damage on County Road 39.

The meteorologists tracked the storm system for days, and were on air as it produced an EF-4 tornado on March 3rd. still they say the aftermath the storm left behind is a sight they never get used to.

“We’re talking winds at 170 miles per hour I mean its horrible, it’s amazing what mother nature can do here in such a small area” said Butler standing in front of a manufactured home that was completely destroyed by the storm. All that remains is the brick foundation.

As crews continue to rebuild pieces of the community that will likely take years to fully recover, the damage is sobering reminder to prepare for severe weather long before watches and warnings are issued.

“we can get the word out,…but people have to act and you have to have that plan place to know what to do” Butler warns, “and when you get a tornado warning,don’t go outside to see of you can see a tornado don’t wait for second verification, take action right away” said Thomas.

Weather experts also say you should never rely solely on tornado sirens. They are only meant to be heard outdoors, on top of that some of them are outdated. They say to use a trusted weather app, or a weather radio instead and always have multiple ways to stay updated on the latest severe weather conditions.





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