Hundreds Attend Vigil for Victims of New Zealand Mosque Attack

Hundreds of people gathered at the East Montgomery Islamic Center Friday evening to honor and remember the victims of the terror attack on a Mosque in New Zealand.

Several youth leaders started organizing the vigil Friday morning to help their community.

They say they were grateful to see friends from across other religious groups come out to show their support.

“It means so much; we are holding this today on the site of the new mosque, the one that started this wonderful friendship we have with our church neighbors and our synagogue neighbors. They have become family in the past two years and today we feel like they are hugging us and they are helping us mourn and grieve and process what happened,” said Aya Zaied.

Candles were lit for the 49 people who lost their lives in the attack.

Authorities say a 29-year-old white man who identifies as a white nationalist carried out the attack.

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