Titus Church Members Counting Their Blessings After Thursday’s Tornadoes

The National Weather Service confirmed that at least six tornaodes hit Alabama on Thursday.

The strongest one was an EF-2 that hit the Titus community in Elmore County.

Sunday, members of New Home Baptist Church attended the first church services since the tornado hit. Some did did suffer some damage to homes and property, but they’re relying on their faith to get them through the storm.

“We are just so very thankful that no one in our community was hurt,” church member Frances Crews says.

The tornado tore down trees and damaged at least 50 homes and buildings. But some questioned why there have been so many natural disasters that have occurred in Alabama in 2019.

“How do you plan, how do you plan for this,” pastor of New Home Baptist Matt Nixon says.

He tried to answer as best as he could.


“God has a plan,” Nixon says. “We don’t understand it fully, but even in what we consider to be darkness, God’s plan is still in effect.”

Other church members say as soon as they heard of damage to their fellow neighbor’s homes, they rushed out to help  clean up debris.

“These trees just like in the middle of stuff was knocked,” church member Thomas Fritz says, describing the damage he’s seen. “A couple of houses got pretty much, one of them got pretty much demolished. As a community, you really try help out when you can and be available.”

Buyck Volunteer Fire Department was among the first emergency responders to arrive.
Chief Al Hannon says it’s a miracle there were no deaths.

When asked what he contributed the miracle to, he answered, “Well, i personally would contribute that to our faith.”

The Titus community has a lot to rebuild in the coming weeks ahead. They’re thankful everyone is still alive today.

“These material houses and buildings and all, they can be replaced,” Crews says. “but our lives cannot. But God was definitely protecting us that night.”

According to the NWS, the number of confirmed tornadoes could increase as survey crews finish reviewing suspected tornado damage.

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