Covington County Law Enforcement Arrests 37 Minors, Ensures Spring Break Safety

Cars full of college students and vacationing families are traveling south for spring break. Covington County sees many of those travelers from March through September.

“Our traffic will probably go up by 75-80% through this county during the times of spring break,” Covington County Sheriff Blake Turman says.

The increase in traffic means more money flowing through the economy.

But it can also mean more illegal activity.

A recent police checkpoint resulted in a total of 47 arrests. The majority of the arrests were spring breakers.

“We had several minor in possession and consumption of alcohol,” River Falls Police Chief Cody Warren says.

37 minors were charged with possession and consumption.
That number has sparked outrage from county residents, saying law enforcement is harassing spring breakers. Turman says that is not the case and wanted to clear the air.

“Sometimes they tell on themselves, sometimes you can smell it,” Turman says. “We’re not going to condone illegal behavior of any type. Whether its minor consumption or possession of marijuana, we’re going to do our job. ”

Warren agrees that Covington County benefits from the increase in traffic and economic impact tourists make on their way to the beaches and coast. But Warren says if the law isn’t followed, there will be a price to pay.

“The decision you make now can affect the rest of your life so thats an important one. Just think about how this is going to affect me in the future,” Warren says.


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