Trojan Fans React to Troy Women’s Basketball Team Facing UAB in the 2019 NIT

The Troy women’s basketball team faced their rivals, the UAB Blazer in the 2019 Women’s Invitational Tournament.

For these Trojan fans, seeing the troy women’s basketball team in action against UAB is always exciting.

“The environment is energetic. I love the women’s basketball team here,” says Troy University student Kennedy Cofield.

“This season has been incredible for the women especially. They’ve really gotten it done. It’s been neat to watch them. They all play really well. They’re a great team,” says Philip Box.

Thursday’s women’s national invitation tournament is the first time the two teams have met since December 2016. The voice of the Trojans, Barry McKnight says the crowd always anticipates the match-up.

“The crowd really responds to it and it’s great on TV. It’s the fact that it is full blast all the time – they lead the nation in rebounds and they have led the sunbelt in scoring for seven straight years,” says McKnight.

“I support coach Chandra Rigby here – good friend of mine. Her husband and I used to coach at Elba High School,” says John Dyess.

Troy University students say they love seeing the team in the spotlight.

“I’ve just enjoyed all the students coming together and supporting the team. It’s a lot of fun to have everyone here. It’s fun,” says Troy University student Grayson Gamso.


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