Coosada Residents Give Input on Possible Shooting Ordinance

Gun fire within the city limits of Coosada in Elmore County is causing concern for residents.

On Tuesday, they’ll have opportunity to give input on a possible shooting ordinance at a town hall meeting.

Coosada mayor Anthony Powell says he’s expecting a big turnout at the meeting.

He says he wants to make clear that the town hall is not about taking residents guns away, but about keeping everyone safe.

“People are going out, targeting practice and that kind of concerns some of the citizens that live here and they’re terrified that some rounds may ricochet and hurt them,” Powell says.

City officials are considering implementing a shooting ordinance, but would like the public’s input.
Powell says he’s wanting to raise awareness for gun safety at Tuesday’s meeting.

Some residents do not believe the town needs an ordinance.

“I’ve had lots of calls that about not wanting any type of gun ordinance,” city clerk Jeannie Ward says.

City officials are doing their homework to create an ordinance that would be the right fit for the town.

“I have done some research,” Ward says. “There are some towns and cities that already have one in place.”

Powell says there is no timetable on when and if an ordinance would go into effect.

“We would have to get with our town attorney and go through everything and make sure everything is legal, and once the attorney will let us know that everything is good to go, then we’ll bring it forth to the council and bring a vote on it.”

The town hall will be held at the Coosada Volunteer Fire Department at 7 p.m. All residents are encouraged to attend.



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