Strange Seeks Community Help in Curbing Gun Violence

Gun crimes are on the rise in Montgomery. Officials are asking the community to help them curb violent crime. Just last weekend, 11 people were injured in 6 shootings.

“the bottom line is we’ve got too many guns, its gun violence, the way they settle conflicts today, it’s through guns.”

At his weekly briefing Thursday, Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said that more policing would not have prevented those crimes because they happened in a domestic setting.

A double shooting happened just minutes after the mayors briefing. That shooting left one man with life threatening injuries.

Strange says that people need to help law enforcement if they want to curb gun violence in their communities. Members of the community say its not always that easy. Some fear retaliation, others just have to make ends meet.

“You got parents that are working two or three jobs to make ends meet, and they aren’t there with the children when they get up to size, and then the streets are waiting for them.”

Community activist in Montgomery say that people need to come together and speak out against crime in their communities.

“we can’t juts sit back and watch TV and cry about these murders, these shootings and all these crimes. We have to get out into the community and offer solutions, we’ve got to work together to bring it forth.”

In a recent study published by 24/7 Wall Street, Alabama Ranked 2nd in the nation for gun violence.

To see that report click here.

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