Hyundai Changing Culture?

Auto publication says it's so.

The Hyundai Auto Assembly plant in Montgomery, with 3k+ employees.

Automotive News says the entire company is changing, and that change will impact Hyundai from top to bottom:

Technology plays a big role in the transformation.

In November, Hyundai converted its old vehicle presentation space into a virtual reality auditorium for viewing realistic 3D virtual models. It allows design teams in Europe, America and South Korea to simultaneously work on the same project.

Going virtual is already helping speed the design process by doing away with costly and time-consuming clay models. Hyundai expects to go 100 percent digital with commercial vehicles and scrap real-world modeling because of their size and expense.

The magazine says the changes are reflected in the new Sonata, assembled in Montgomery.

They call the change

“a styling overhaul that represents a profound philosophical change in corporate culture.”

See the entire article HERE. (PAYWALL)

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