Auburn Fans Celebrate History: Making it to the Final Four

Auburn Tigers’ defeat against the Kentucky Wildcats Sunday is not only making history… but bringing Auburn fans together to celebrate their first-ever Final Four appearance.

News Anchor Samantha Williams spent Monday afternoon in Auburn talking to fans about the big win.

Even a day later… Toomer’s Corner and everything around was still covered in white, as Tiger fans celebrated the historic victory.

“I come from a strictly Auburn household,” Bayley Albinger, an Auburn student said. “You do not say “R-T” in our house.”

Albinger, a pre-architecture major, came to Toomer’s to not only enjoy the trees covered in white. She and her classmates were out on assignment to draw Samford Lawn: “It’s really fun, especially with the toilet paper today… Getting to add little hints of Auburn in our drawings.”

Blayne Barber and his family are die-hard AU fans, but he told us he doesn’t usually watch basketball. As you can see, though, that is changing, as his 1-year-old, Ford, ran around Toomer’s showing off his “Aubie” costume.

“I was extremely nervous watching that game, so it was great seeing Coach Pearl and the boys pull one out there,” Barber told us.

“I don’t think a lot of people believed in us, but we proved them wrong… which is pretty fun,” Albinger said.

Auburn student Kayla Elrod watched Sunday’s game close to Toomer’s Corner… Giving her a head start in the Tiger tradition: “Everyone was yelling and cheering. You could just feel the energy after such a tense and stressful game, the release of it, all of the excitement,” Elrod explained. “It was incredible.”

But no matter what happens in the Final Four, fans we talked to say they’re proud to be an Auburn Tiger: “War Eagle. Everyone is watching,” Elrod said of Auburn’s basketball team. “Everyone is here for them. We hope they can continue to make history and go all the way.”

Auburn faces Virginia in the Final Four Saturday, and if the Tigers win, the boys will head to the national championship game on Monday. They will play against either Texas Tech or Michigan State.

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