Higher Education Day in Alabama

About 1000 students representing all 14 of Alabama’s public universities were in the capital city to remind lawmakers that higher education is critical to the states economy.

“higher education, people with their college degrees staying in the state and making the state better is best for all of us.”

The day began with a parade to the State House. Once there, student government presidents from all 14 universities signed a pledge of support. The pledge was forwarded to the Governors office. It urges lawmakers to secure additional funding for higher education.

Only 24% of Alabama’s workforce has a 4 year degree. That is 6% below the national average. One of the goals is to make higher education more affordable and accessible.

“in a state where we’re 43rd in the nation in per capita income, we need to do everything we can to motivate out children to have those best and most prosperous opportunities.”

According to the Higher Education Partnership, a bachelors degree increases lifetime income by $1 Million dollars. A masters degree is said to  increase it to $1.5 million, and a PH.D increases lifetime earnings by $3 Million dollars.

For more information on the Higher Education Day and the Higher Education Partnership click here.

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