Auburn Fans Get Ready for first Final Four Appearance

For the first time in school history, the Auburn Men’s Basketball team is in the Final Four. Fans are surprised and anxious but they are enjoying the ride.

“I’ve watched their games and they’ve just been lights out in shooting and their playing really well so i think that they have a good chance of winning”

“I just can’t believe it like I don’t think anyone expected it, just people brackets are getting busted left and right, but its super awesome”

“Friday we came over, right after the win, the big win over North Carolina, and hopefully we will do it again”

Friday afternoon fans were making their game day plans for Saturdays match up against the Virginia Cavaliers.

“I am super excited, I might go out with some friends and watch the game with them, and then hopefully we win come out here and roll Toomers, see what happens”

“we are all surprised,we didn’t think we’d do it, its the first year making it to the final four, ever. That’s crazy, never expected anything like it”

“we’re going to celebrate tomorrow at the Arena, me and my son, with many many other Auburn fans. I’m excited, fired up and ready for the championship”

The University will open the Auburn Arena to host a free watch party.

“I didn’t know that that’s so cool, I would watch it there”

“that’s a fantastic idea, if they didn’t do that everybody would be yelling about how it needed to happen, so its really good that they opened the facilities”

“it feels great honestly, because our basketball team hasn’t been that good recently, but you can tell the progress their making and it feels good”

Doors to the Arena open at 3:30 PM , game time is at 5:09 PM.

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