National Work Zone Awareness Week Highlights Importance of Worker Safety

There were 21 fatal crashes in work zones that resulted in 24 fatalities in Alabama in 2017.
Transportation officials in Troy are wanting to see that number reduced through annual National Work Zone Awareness Week.

Fatal crashes in work zones have increased by 3 percent nationally in 2 years. City of Troy coordinator Jacob Fannin says that number could decrease if drivers paid more attention to the roadways.

“Every time that an employee steps out into the roadway and enters their work zone, they take their lives into the hands of the drivers around them,” Fannin says.

The National Work Zone Awareness Week is a campaign that raises awareness for worker and motorist safety while traveling along work zones.

“The best advice I can give to someone when they’re traveling the roadway in general is just be aware of your surroundings,” Fannin says. “Watch for employees, watch for city vehicles or specifically in work zones. Obey the warning signs, specifically our work zone signs.”

Fannin says the most important way drivers can help keep everyone safe is by slowing down.

“That’s the number one thing they can do is slow down and just be more aware of their surroundings,” Fannin says.

The city will be posting on social media pages throughout the week with statistics and warnings on driving through work zones and how to avoid them.

“It’s not robots, these are human lives that are at stake, potentially as you pass through these work zones,” Fannin says.

He says he hopes the posts will help put a face on a growing problem.

“So we want people to be aware that these faces that they’re seeing on social media are the same faces that you’re going to be passing day in and day out in and around troy or maybe on the interstate,” Fannin says.

The National Work Zone Awareness Week has held its annual campaign since 2000.

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