GD Copper Expansion Project Means More Jobs on the Way

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Some good economic news coming out of Wilcox County.

A multi-million dollar expansion project at the GD Copper plant — means more good-paying jobs are on the way to the area.

County officials say the expansion represents a $3.5 million dollar investment at the Pine Hill facility.

They say the project will also mean about 40 new good paying jobs — for the county with the highest unemployment rate in the state.

They say Wilcox County residents — make about 40-percent of the workers at GD Copper.

“We’ve gone from 20-percent employment at GD Copper to 40-percent,” said Commission Chairman John Moton.

“Thanks to our workforce development program — Wilcox Works. And this is an opportunity for more people to go to work.”

The unemployment rate in Wilcox County has fallen drastically since the GD Copper plant opened back in 2014.

But it still remains the highest in the state.

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