Hundreds Attend Crime Victims Vigil

Friday night, hundreds of people gathered in downtown Montgomery outside of the attorney general’s office to remember victims of crime.

The vigil is part of National Crime Victims Rights Week. Attorney General Steve Marshall says that this is always a time where people can receive support from others who have lost family members or friends.

Family members and friends of homicide victims from across the state lit candles and released balloons. Some of them also shared stories of those victims. Officials from the Montgomery Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were also at Friday’s vigil. People attending say they are grateful for support from the attorney general’s office and law enforcement across the state.

“So many of us going through the same thing and walking that same path and you know we can’t bring a life back but we can try to make it a safer community,” says Donna Howell, a mother of a homicide victim.

“When we can provide justice to families that’s one step in our ability to heal – never completely recover but to begin to feel better about what’s going on. so tonight when you hear family members who come up to me and shared their stories of their loved ones, it reminds me of the job that I have,” says Attorney General Steve Marshall.

Some of those remembered Friday are victims of cases that remain unsolved.

Each year, the non-profit group “Victims of Crime and Leniency” hold the state candlelight vigil in honor of crime victims.

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