Troy Mayor Reacts After Sunday Morning Storms Hit The City

We spoke with Troy Mayor Jason Reeves early Sunday morning after the storms in Pike County had cleared up. 

He gave the following statement to Alabama News Network:

“Well the big thing is nobody’s seriously hurt. We did have one with minor injury that we know of, someone that was in a car that flipped over. But as of right now, nobody’s hurt. There’s a lot of damage, a lot of trees down, a lot of power lines down. There’s a lot of roof and structure damage to different places. So we just would appreciate everyone staying home. We’re working on getting all of the power back on, working on getting all of the streets cleared. But mostly, we’re thankful that everyone is okay that we know of right now. With it happening so early in the morning, a lot of people were still asleep so we were very fortunate. We’re prayerfully optimistic that nothing else is going to happen.”

Reeves also says it’s important for residents to stay out of the way of power crews and emergency responders. They are working hard to clean up and get the power back on for those with power outages.

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