NWS Assesses Pike County’s Sunday Storm Damage

After assessing the damage in Troy, the National Weather Service has determined that a tornado did, in fact, hit Troy Sunday morning.

Chief Scientist at NWS Kevin Laws says that it was an EF-1 tornado with about 95 miles per hour winds that hit the Hunter’s Mountain Mobile Estates trailer park.

“It was just unreal, so unreal,” resident Dexter Hubbard says. “You see this in movies and to actually live right across the street from this type of tragedy, I’m just grateful.”

He’s grateful that his damage wasn’t worse. Hubbard ‘s home suffered only a broken window, which was much less compared to his neighbors only a feet away.

“To come home and to see this like this, and you know your neighbors, you’re just like wow, this could have been me,” Hubbard says. “I left five minutes prior to the tornado actually hitting here.”

The NWS arrived in Pike County Monday morning.

“Part of the tornado touched down right here the mobile home, this park, this is where the tornado actually started,” Laws says.

After going through the damage, the NWS confirms it was a tornado.

“You have a lot of trees that haven’t been compromised but but you also have vehicles that have been overturned,” Laws says. “So once you get into that range, we’re probably looking at a mid to high range EF-1, maybe 95 miles per hour winds.”

Recovery efforts are also ongoing. The Salvation Army and Woodmen International are among the organizations assisting in recovery efforts and helping those in need.

“It’s just very impressive that neighbors come out to help neighbors so this recovery is really going very fast because everybody is helping each other,” Director of the Pike County Salvation Army Kim May says.

Laws says those who remained in their homes Sunday are lucky to be alive.

“There was plenty of lee time with these warnings, and we just encourage these folks to keep up with the weather, stay informed, and heed those warnings,” Laws says.

Pike County EMA director Herbert Reeves also says the American Red Cross has made provisions for people to have housing tonight so they can get settled in for whats to come.

The NWS also confirmed that a total of 3 tornadoes hit Pike County during Sunday’s storms.

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