Autauga County EMA Working to Repair Two Weather Sirens

For many people, weather sirens are a call to take shelter. But with severe weather in the forecast for Thursday, 2 Autauga County weather sirens in the Marbury area will not be working due to recent lightening strikes.

“Prior to that we had tested them, everything seemed to be working good, and during this event they took a lightning strike,” says Autauga County EMA Director, Ernie Baggett.

The county has a total of 39 sirens and Autauga County EMA director Ernie Baggett says they are not easy to repair.

“A couple of different factors weigh into them being repaired and being repaired quick – one is the systems are old and parts just aren’t readily available,” says Baggett.

He says that is just one reason people should not rely solely only on weather sirens.

“They’ve made the weather radio better, and now we’ve got all these apps. There are just a multitude of apps and all of them are good and most all of them are free. So having a weather radio and a good app and just staying mindful as we go into these events,” says Baggett.

Being mindful counts. Because Baggett says severe weather can hit anywhere at any time.

“The one in Troy didn’t present as something that was really going to necessarily produce. The weather service in Birmingham saw that right away. They’ve got people watching constantly. They’re the ones that feed the information out to to the weather radios,” says Baggett.

As soon as information is sent from the weather service, it goes to the weather radios, followed by the sirens.

“Most of the time you’ll here the weather radio go off before the siren system,” says Baggett.

Baggett says it will be we several weeks before the sirens are repaired.

Sirens in Autauga County are tested on the first Wednesday of each month.

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