Pike Liberal Arts Students Learn the Importance of Recycling

Middle school students in Troy have been doing some spring cleaning in the outdoors.

It’s all part of programs that teach them the importance of conservation and recycling.

Easily, the most recognizable program is the 4H extension.

“We talk about conservation and agriculture, technology,” 4h Regional Agent Selina Dotson says.

It’s for ages 9 through 18 and it’s used to educate students about caring for the environment.

“So that they will be life long learners and they will continue to do it into their adulthood and be aware of why they need to do it,” Dotson says.

But Pike Liberal Arts School in Troy is using another way to teach students about keeping the area around them clean .

“And it’s not just cleaning up the ground or the trees, it’s cleaning up the minds and the attitudes of our peers,” student Megan Starling says.

Starling and a few select students are chosen to be a voice for the their fellow students on Headmasters Advisory Committee.
One activity required is to help clean up the school grounds

“You really don’t realize just how dirty it is until you get out there and start cleaning,” committee student Porter Lankford says.

The students sign up with the city to help clean up areas of the community. They chose their own school grounds as their clean up area.

“We’re the generation that’s about to inherit this earth and theres a lot of reparations that need to be made to fix what generations past have done,” Starling says.

According to middle school teacher Kay Sanders, it all starts in the classroom.

“If we want them to be recyclable and conscience earth-friendly adults, then we’ve got to explain it to them and we’ve got to make it mean something to them even now.”

Residents in Troy who want to help with clean up efforts can sign up through April 30th. Click here for more information.

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