Way of the Cross Commemoration in Montgomery

Christians around the world partake in the ” Way of the Cross” in preparation of Easter Sunday and celebrating Holy Week.

Way of the Cross is a silent march that traditionally stops at 14 locations.The Montgomery way of the cross made 5 stops. Silence during the march is a representation of Jesus carrying the cross up Calvary hill on his way to the Crucifixion.  It is said in the Bible that he never said a word as he marched up the hill.

As the procession stops , participants congregate to read bible scriptures about things that happened to Jesus on Good Friday. Participants also sing hymns before moving on to the next stop, where another event in the life of Jesus is commemorated.

The event  began at St. Peter Catholic Church in downtown Montgomery. The group made stops at the RSA Park, The State Capitol, the State House, and the Supreme Court building.

The organizer says that her hope is that when people see the Way of the Cross, they take a moment to remember the reason we celebrate Easter.

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