Congresswoman Sewell Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Perry County

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Congresswoman Terri Sewell was in Perry County Monday where she hosted a town hall meeting in Marion.

It was part of her annual “Congress in Your Community” tour.

Dozens of residents turned out to hear the congresswoman talk about what’s going on in Washington DC.

Residents also got a chance to share some of the issues — that people are concerned about locally.

“It’s clear to me, especially talking to my constituents here in Perry County, that the agenda on making sure we focus on healthcare, providing a livable wage, reducing prescription drugs, better education, water and sewer, that those are the bread and butter issues that matter most to my constituents,” said Sewell.

Congresswoman Sewell hosts a town hall meeting in each of the fourteen counties she represents — each year.

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