Three Charged with Falsifying Cough Syrup Prescription

Three Georgia residents are in the Pike County jail after trying to forge prescriptions for cough syrup.

The Troy Police Department says the three individuals entered into four local pharmacies attempting to purchase prescription cough syrup before being arrested.

“They were successful at one pharmacy and attempted it at several others,” Lieutenant Bryan Weed says.

Jameel Marquis Davis, Malik Bobby Rowe and Megan Korea Davis were arrested after a failed attempt to purchase the controlled medication at the Walmart pharmacy.
Weed says cases like this one are on the rise.
“We see a lot of forged scripts and they vary,” Weed says. “Generally, they are going to be opioid-based.”

The kind of cough syrup the three were trying to get contained codeine.
It can only be obtained by prescription and comes in tablet, capsule, or syrup form.
Weed says codeine is a kind of opioid that can be easy to get addicted to..

“It just grows and grows and grows until the prescription is no longer enough,” Weed says.
The medical world is trying to make it harder to obtain it.

“There’s a lot of things the pharmaceutical world has done to try to help in stopping it. But still, the more they do, the more people try to to get around those,“ Weed says.

All three were have been charged with one count of possession of drug by fraud and false information. Other charges have been filed against Rowe and Davis.

All three are incarcerated in the Pike County Jail. Their bond amounts total $19,500.

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