More Corrections Officers Key to Improving Alabama Prisons

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Alabama Department of Corrections continues to add new corrections officers at state prisons.

ADOC added 58 new corrections officers to its ranks Thursday morning in Selma.

Graduates successfully completed 12-weeks of intense academic and physical training to become certified law enforcement officers.

Under staffing is one of the issues cited in a recent Department of Justice report on prison conditions in Alabama.

“We’ve struggled over the last several years because of the conditions in the facilities with recruiting and retention,” said ADOC Commissioner Jefferson Dunn.

“We have put a lot of emphasis on that, put a lot of resources into that and we’re actually seeing those numbers turn around now. We’re seeing our numbers climb as opposed to decline.”

Dunn says the department is trying to hire about 2000 corrections officers over the next three years.

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