Could Passenger Rail Service Between Montgomery and Mobile Happen Soon?

What if your travel time was cut down from a couple hours to less than an hour? Some people think a passenger rail service is the answer.

A feasibility study is currently being done by the state and ADECA. The first phase of the project is from Birmingham to Montgomery. The second phase which was focused on Wednesday night is from Montgomery to Mobile.

“We have the I-65 corridor – at times it becomes congested,” says Brian Smart of planning manager of AECOM.

Right now, a proposal is on the table for the service from Montgomery to Mobile.

There’s a lot of freight travel within that corridor and this would provide folks with another means of travel.between the two cities and then beyond Mobile, access to the city of New Orleans or the Florida Panhandle,” says Smart.

Don Reid says he is interested in learning more about the project that is only in its very early stages.

“It’s just fascinating to see this I guess in a drone’s eye view of the world,” says Reid.

Officials say the project could cost billions.

“I know it’s going to be very expensive. I think in the long run it could be good,” says Reid.

Some are optimistic about the project.

“It’s so many things for families, so many times that you can just go for a Sunday ride or the time of mardi gras you can go down to mobile and just catch the train and you don’t have to worry about anything because you’re just taking the train,” says

While there is still some uncertainty, people like Reid says it’s worth it to continue learning more on how the service could benefit the River Region.

“Something similar to this worked in Florida but Florida is a different state much bigger population,” says Reid.

If the passenger rail service is approved the stations would be in Greenville, Evergreen and Atmore.

To learn more about the project click here. 

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