Plans In Place for Active Shooter Situations

Two people were killed and four others injured after 22-year-old Trystan Andrew Terrell opened fire in a classroom on UNC-Charlotte’s campus Tuesday afternoon.

We spoke with local university officials about plans in place to help protect their students in the event of an active shooter.

“I hate that they’re dealing with this and our hearts go out to them and the families who are affected,” Troy University Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves says.

Reeves says there are steps taken to warn the campus of the danger.

“Should we have an active shooter situation, we do have an alert system very similar to most colleges,” Reeves says. “Ours is referred to as E2 Campus or”

Students can easily sign up using their university emails.

Reeves says if the shooter is in the building, he advises students to use the “run, hide, fight” action.

It’s a system taught by many law enforecement agencies.
He says if you can’t run, the best thing to do is to hide.

“Barricade the door, put things in front of the door, you know get under a desk, remain quiet, turn your cell phone off or turn it to vibrate where a shooter cant see, turn lights off in the room,” Reees says.

Students we spoke with say an active shooter situation is something they fear but hope they never encounter.

“It’s nerve-wracking because you don’t know who could come in,” Troy student Yolanda Allen says. “Like some schools, you just walk right in. No one knows who you are.”

“If someone was to walk into one of my classes in Patterson or even here in Wallace Hall, it wouldn’t be very expected at all,” Troy student Victoria Cirilli says.

Reeves says the Troy campus police department recently went through training with other local law enforcement agencies for active shooter situations.

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