Partnership Helps High School Students Land Work Force Jobs

Several high school seniors received job offers at a major Pike County industry Thursday.

11 Charles Henderson seniors signed letters of intent to begin work at U.S. missile manufacturer Lockheed Martin post-graduation.

“They’ll actually be working as production technicians at entry level,” Lockheed Martin’s Pike County site director of operations Jason Crager says. “We’ll train them the various assembly techniques and methods we use to produce our products. ”

The products include air to ground missiles used in combat and hardware for development programs.
CHHS student Bryce Senn says he’s excited for the opportunity.

“It makes me really happy that I can have a chance like this at this amazing school,” Senn says. “I’ve learned all the things that I had to to get a job at Lockheed Martin. Being able to take part in protecting our country makes me really happy.”

Charles Henderson becomes the first high school in the state to form a work force partnership with Lockheed Martin’s Pike County site.

It’s a relationship that could help students find a job that peeks their interest.

“Not everyone is choosing to go to college, not everyone’s an athlete, not everyone is great in the classroom,” Charles Henderson principal Brock Kelley says. “However, our goal here is to provide a place for everyone here at Charles Henderson, whether it’s clubs, organizations, or workforce development.”

An added benefit for the future workers is that Lockheed Martin will also reimburse them for all college tuition spent.

“If they’re interested in going to college to take courses in fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or businesses, we will reimburse them for their college tuition with hopes of them turning around and becoming long term employees at Lockheed Martin,” Crager says.  

The 11 students took part in the CHHS Workforce Essentials class.
They were required to sign up for 144 hours of training that develops resume writing, good work habits, and skills that manufacturers look for.

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