City Leaders Proclaim Tuesday as Nall Day

A native son and esteemed artist returned to his hometown of Troy on Tuesday.

Fred “Nall” Hollis had the honor of having the day named after him.

Hollis’ work can be found on the walls of galleries across the world.
He uses different mediums for his art, usually drawn from his influences, like traveling the world and meeting new people.
But his love for art began in Troy, Alabama.

“I would be on the ground, drawing on baseboards of the house and on the walls and underneath tables and using the underneath of the table as an easel and i would just draw on the wood,” Nall says.

Troy city and university leaders threw a reception in Nall’s honor. Several speakers said a few words and singers entertained the crowd.

Later, the day was officially proclaimed “Nall Day.”

“This is not an artist who is just confined to one medium,” Troy University’s Senior Vice Chancellor for Advancement General Walter Givhan said. “Almost all of his works are multi-media. and you look at how he has traveled globally, drawn influences.”

“Nall’s legacy perhaps is best reflected at the Nall Museum in the International Arts Council on Troy University’s campus,” Troy Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr, said.

Hollis also spent the day working with students on different artworks.
He shared his passion and assisted them in finding theirs.

“If they could find their passion at an early age and use it in their livelihood, they never have to work,” Hollis says

Nall has written books, helped bring sculptures to their resting spots, and has a degree from the University of Alabama.
But none of that compares to his love for his art work.

“It’s my breath, I enjoy breathing. It’s a passion,” Nall says.

Nall Day ended with a reception Tuesday afternoon, where Nall’s new exhibit was formally opened at the IAC on Troy’s campus.

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