Selma City Treasurer Back on the Job by Judge’s Order

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma City Treasurer Renita Wade is back on the job after she’s reinstated by a judge.

Circuit Judge Donald McMillan ordered Mayor Darrio Melton to reinstate Wade to the full performance of her duties as city treasurer.

Wade had been on administrative leave for about eight months.

She filed suit after she was removed from the treasurer’s job by the mayor — and reinstated by the city council — three times.

She says the judge’s ruling had her both excited — and relieved.

“It was a relief because there has been, the city has been bleeding. In my absence it has been bleeding,” said Wade.

“This is the time and the opportunity for me to see if I can go in and make a repair, so I’m grateful for that and I was excited to hear that Judge McMillan had made a fair and just decision.”

McMillan denied a motion by Melton — to dismiss Wade’s complaint.

He also set a final hearing on the merits of the case for July 8th.

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