Graduating Students Preparing For Real World

Graduations are happening across the state. Thousands are getting ready to walk across the stage to get their degree.

“I’m pretty excited,” graduating Troy University student Matthew Anderson said.

“I’m ready for it to come,” Troy University senior Margaret Wright told us.

For some graduates, it can be stressful. Some are finding it hard to land jobs in their career fields: “I’ve noticed, my wife is an English major so she has some struggles finding jobs,” Dalton Harper explained. “They don’t have a lot of opportunities available for her or a lot of recruiting done for them.”

The unemployment rate in Alabama currently sits at 3.7 percent, but those numbers vary by county. Dallas and Lowndes Counties are sitting at 5% or more unemployment rates. Pike County is seeing a 4 percent unemployment rate.

Some students said they’re hopeful to find a job: “I am, hopefully I get this internship,” graduating senior Margaret Wright said. “As long as I do my best, I’m pretty sure I will get a job.”

Other students, like Anderson, said when the time comes to look for a job, he will be ready: “I feel like I’ve been prepared. I’ve got a pretty good in-demand degree,” Anderson said. He is getting ready to receive his Accounting degree.

For the graduates who have not found an opening, graduating students said to just stay positive: “It’s never too early to start working on things like your resume and anything that could help give you job experience,” Anderson said.

“Just take your time, it will come,” Wright said. “Just do your best.”

There are about 1,000 students set to graduate from Troy’s main campus Friday. It is one of the largest to date.

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