Will Teacher Cuts Help Montgomery Public Schools?

MPS Board Member Lesa Keith says Tuesday’s approval from the board of cutting 140 teacher positions, was one of the toughest.

“You cannot have the decreasing students that we have and maintain the same personnel,” says Keith.

MPS Board President Clare Weil is hoping the public will now buy into the system’s efforts to increase student success rates by increasing the millage rate.

“I hope it’s a wake up call to our citizens. Because that’s who it’s going to take to get an increase in millage. When you get an increase in millage, you get an increase in teachers and we get a quality education for our children,” says Weil.

“If our superintendent carries through with what our board approved yesterday, I think the public is more likely to buy into a property tax increase,” says Keith.

Keith says central office is where the main cuts should have started from the beginning.

“Instead of spending six digit numbers in salaries we can buy these kids textbooks, we can get these kids qualified teachers,” says Keith.

“We certainly support the board and Dr. Moore. In truth, they will have to make some additional cuts to get to the right number,” says State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey.

Weil says it is simply worth it.

“For a number of years, we have let people stay employed when the student population is going down and at some point you have to stop,” says Weil.

Next week, on May 14th teachers will find out if their job is among the cuts.

Plans are also in the works to consolidate some MPS schools over the next 2 or 3 years. The schools that will be impacted have not been announced yet.


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