Alleged Phone Scam Claiming to be Autauga County Sheriffs Office

A Prattville man says he was the target of a phone scam claiming to be from the Autauga County Sheriffs Office.

The man says he received a call, and a male voice on the other end of the line said he was from the Autauga County Sheriffs Office. The man was told he had two warrants out for his arrest and he had two choices. He could either turn himself in and do jail time determined by a Judge, or he could pay a “federal retention bond” followed by a court date to have the matter expunged.

The man allegedly  even used a deputies name and gave a fake badge number. After contacting the sheriffs office and the clerk , it was determined that there was no warrant for his arrest and it was a bogus claim.

Sheriff Joe Sedinger says  his office would never call and request money for a warrant, and as a matter of fact it is illegal to do so. The phone number that the call was made from has been turned over to the Autauga County Sheriffs Office.

To avoid potential scams , Sedinger  says never give money to anyone that randomly calls demanding money.

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