Millbrook Man Arrested After Police Find ‘Staggering Amount’ of Child Pornography

A Millbrook man has been arrested after a domestic violence investigation led police to finding a “staggering amount” of child pornography.

According to Millbrook Police, on May 3, the department made contact with a complainant with regard to a report of Domestic Violence. During the interview, the person alleged that 60-year-old  Ted Carr Jr. may be in possession of child pornography.

The case was turned over to the department’s Criminal Investigative Unit and an investigation was initiated. A forensic examination of several devices led investigators to determine that Carr was in possession of a “staggering” amount of “Child Sexual Abuse Material,” according to Millbrook Police Chief PK Johnson.

Carr was arrested on May 8 and charged with 2 counts of possession of obscene matter containing visual depictions of persons under 17 years of age. He was placed in the Elmore County Jail under a $150,000 bond.

In a statement released by the Millbrook Police Department, Chief P.K. Johnson said investigators have uncovered “hundreds of images/videos” so far from the seized devices.

The investigation is ongoing.

Full Statement from Chief P.K. Johnson:

“Within the last several weeks, our Criminal Investigations Unit has worked two cases
involving grown adults committing atrocious acts upon children. Our agency recently arrested
Steven Barnes, a 28 year old Montgomery resident, for brutally sexually assaulting a five year
old child. Just this week we’ve had to make this arrest involving Mr. Carr on Child Pornography
charges. This investigation is still ongoing, so I am limited in what I can divulge as to the
evidence that we’ve discovered and that is still being processed. I can say at this point there are
what appears to be hundreds of images/videos on the devices that are being examined. The
Millbrook Police Department will exhaust every resource available to us to ensure that no
person will cause harm to our children and escape justice. Fortunately for us and unfortunately
for the alleged offender (Carr), our Detectives are members of Internet Crimes against Children
Task Force, which is part of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, in conjunction with the
United States Department of Justice. I am extremely proud of our Detectives and the other
investigators involved in this investigation. No one should have to be exposed to the material
that they are having to see. It’s especially tough when you have children or grandchildren of
your own. Unfortunately it cannot be avoided. These are professional law enforcement officers
and they have and will continue to do what is necessary to complete this investigation and
ensure that this alleged offender will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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