Political Analyst Steve Flowers Weighs in On Abortion Debate

For two weeks, abortion has been a hot topic in the Alabama State House. The issue has pushed some buttons, stirring heated debate. But Political Analyst Steve Flowers says it’s not worth the fight.

“The Alabama Legislature is not going to change the law of the land on abortion. The law is set by the u.S supreme court and has been set for over 35 years during Roe. v. Wade.”

Flowers says if the bill passes the senate, it would be a waste of tax payers money simply because the U.S Supreme Court has the final voice.

“The U.S Supreme Court really doesn’t care if the Alabama Legislature wants to pass some bizarre right wing off the wall unconstitutional act. They probably aren’t going to take the time to even look at it. They’re probably going to throw it in the garbage can,” says Flowers.

Tuesday, several groups plan to protest outside the state house as the abortion debate continues inside.

“I think women do want to protest about it because it’s illegal what they’re doing. But you know I hope they don’t think that if what the senate does passes it’s going to become law of the land,” says Flowers.

Flowers says the main reason why it will not become law of the land is because of conservative members of the supreme court…

“The most conservative republicans are not for changing Roe v. Wade. So this bill is way, way way out there,” says Flowers.

Tuesday’s protest against the abortion ban is schedule for 6 pm outside the Alabama State House.

The senate reconvenes at 4 pm Tuesday.

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