Groups Protest Against Alabama’s Abortion Bill

Tuesday afternoon, groups of protesters made their voices heard outside of the Alabama State House.

“Hopefully enough people will come to their senses and not react emotionally and not fall for all of this hysteria and worship of a fetus,” says Carol Clark.

Some protesters like these are making a bold statement, portraying handmaids.

“In the handmaids tale it is all about women’s autonomy because women have been pretty much treated like breeding factories and we feel like this is what laws like this do,” says Kari Crow.

Crow says legislators need to see who they are affecting.

The issue is not just bringing women out to the front steps of the state house, but also some men who say real men support women’s rights.

“Women are fed up because men don’t step up and I think it’s time as men that we utilize our male privilege for the good of the cause,” says Travis Jackson.

“We need to be able to choose what to do with our bodies, what to do with our lives,” says Clark.

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