Shannon Ferrari, “City Watch Uncut” Founder, Enters Montgomery Mayor’s Race

Shannon Ferrari has announced that she will run for Montgomery mayor.  She may be best known as the creator of “City Watch Uncut – Montgomery”, a Facebook crime watch group.

Ferrari, a lifetime resident of Montgomery, is a manager at a apartment complex and serves as an ambassador for the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. 

In a statement emailed to Alabama News Network, Ferrari says she believes that our current leadership has done a lot in regards to growth, but that she’s very concerned about crime and education.

“To sustain this growth we must get crime under control and fix our school system. Montgomery is in a very delicate state. The next election could be a make or break for our great city. We need someone tough who genuinely cares about the future of Montgomery and will acknowledge and address our issues. By creating our City Watch groups, I’ve already taken the first steps to help make our citizens more aware of local crime, so that they can better protect their families. As Mayor, I intend to always lead in the same transparent manner, and keep open communication with my citizens. I remember listening to Mayor Folmar on the radio as I drove to high school many mornings. I liked the way he interacted with the community. I want to lead Montgomery in a similar way,” Ferrari said.

Ferrari also said in addition to putting more police officers on the streets and adding additional substations, it’s imperative that we take better care of our police department and fire department. 

Ferrari is a 1992 graduate of Jefferson Davis High School and studied criminal justice at South University.

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