Vandalism Being Investigated at Park Crossing High School

Montgomery Public Schools officials are investigating an incident overnight at Park Crossing High School where they say parts of the outside of the school and a system vehicle were vandalized.

While the investigation is still ongoing, they say more than 20 students have been identified from video footage.

School Superintendent Ann Moore says there will be penalties for these actions.

“Students need to understand that there are consequences for breaking the rules,” said Moore in a statement. “Once we have identified the offenders, those who are seniors will not be allowed to walk across the stage at graduation, and restitution and completion of community service will be required before their diplomas are released.”

Moore is urging parents to talk with their children about the potential consequences of participating in something that may have been meant as a prank.

The parents of students who were involved will be notified by the school or central office administrators.

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