Air Power History Tour Coming to Montgomery

If you’re a history buff, you are going to want to make plans to visit the Montgomery Regional Airport for the Air Power History Tour. Montgomery is the first stop in this year’s tour schedule.

The B-29 bomber, famous for bombing Hiroshima and the B-24, both landed at noon on Thursday. The B-24 that flew in is one of only two air crafts that is still flyable in the world: The rest are on stagnant display in museums. You have a chance to walk back in time and fly in one of these aircraft this weekend.

“Here we have the bomb bay where we actually have our bombs… Of course dummy bombs, but they are still here,” Sean Lucart, B-24 Co-Pilot for CAF, explained.

It’s the world’s largest flying museum: An organization known as the commemorative air force has a fleet of 175 air crafts spread out in different units across the world. A number of vintage planes will be in Montgomery as they kick off their 2019 air power history tour.

“This particular B-24 was one of the very first ones,” Lucart said. “It’s a model, so it was built in 1940 before the war even started for America– Number 18 on the production line. It’s a big 4-engine bomber and lumbering kind of beast in the air. A bit heavy on the controls and such, but certainly a joy to fly.”

What started as a hobby for a group of pilots in Texas, has turned into a mission to preserve history and give it a future by inspiring the next generation of aviators: “That’s what inspired me to one to learn how to fly: Going to flight shows and watching some of these old war birds fly and then watching the pilots do some risky maneuvers. That’s what inspired me, and I think that would be a huge inspiration to the community as well.”

“There is a worldwide pilot shortage these days, and it’s projected to last for a couple of decades,” Col. Will Sparrow said. “It’s the perfect time to get involved in a great career.”

More than just a collection of warplanes from the past– it’s education, inspiration and a tribute to the men and women who served during World War II.

“It’s an addiction,” Darrell Smith, PX Captain, told us. “The greatest thing I have had happen to me when I am on tour is when I get a chance to meet one of the WWII veterans. The second greatest thing is when I get to meet some of their kids. You have a lot of older people whose parents were in WWII, and they come out and get to say ‘My father was a B-29 gunner, and this is where he sat…’ We will take them and put them in the chair their father sat in, and that’s when the tears start.”

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