Dinner on Dexter Benefits the Montgomery City-County Public Library

Live music, food and a bit of history – that is what Dinner on Dexter is all about – supporting the Montgomery City-County Library System.

“Our family has been such a big supporter of libraries and of reading. We have three children that we love to read to and we encourage to read all they can,” says Allison Beach.

People attending the event say there are many reasons to support libraries in every community.

“When it comes to gaining wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, it’s not only important for our community but it’s important to every community all over this world this nation – that we get a quality education. It all begins – most of the time with libraries,” says Cromwell Handy.

Last year, the Montgomery City-County Library System issued over 5,000  library cards. Thursday’s sold out event helps to raise money for ten library branches in Montgomery county and a number of children’s programs.

The libraries revives its operational money from the city but for these kinds of programs we have to raise money and its to the organization to get its own support,” says Katie Bell, Library Board Chairman.

“The access to books and the worlds that books open up – fiction and non fiction are fantastic opportunities for children and adults alike and so keeping those resources available for everybody is so important,” says Beach.

It’s events like Dinner on Dexter that can contribute to keeping the doors of libraries open.

“The purpose is a noble cause and its so important that we support education, particularly as it relates to our libraries all over this world,” says Handy.

If you would like to support the Montgomery City-County Library System click here. 

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