Local and International Breweries Featured at 7th Annual River Bend Brew Fest

If you have a taste for beer, the River Bend Brew Fest was the place to be Friday night,  serving up a variety of flavors.

“It’s a great opportunity to see and taste a variety of beers that I normally wouldn’t get to taste or select as a choice,” says Elton Fowler.

Over 50 different breweries were part of the River Bend Brew Fest. Some were from across the state, others from across the country.

“There’s a terrific craft beer explosion across Alabama and the country and there is no better place to experience than the union station train shed tonight,” says coordinator Ken Reynolds.

Jimmy Stewart of Trim Tab Brewing Company says he always anticipates the festival to show off his company’s beer

“We’ve been brewing about five years. We celebrated our fifth anniversary in April. We brew innovative, insightful, artful beer, beautiful beer,” says Stewart.

“The beer in Alabama is really good and this is the first time I’ve been here and it’s great getting beer from all over the state,” says Keith Miskell.

For the breweries, the festival is a time see what people like the most and connect with others in the industry.

“It’s a very tight knit industry to work in and everybody kind of looks out for each other,” says Stewart.

The money raised from the brew fest benefits the Family Sunshine Center, that serves the River Region.

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