Pro-Abortion Protesters Rally Outside State Capitol

Hundreds of abortion bill opponents have been rallying outside the Alabama State Capitol Sunday.

The march began as protesters walked up Dexter Avenue.
Most were opponents of the state abortion bill signed by Governor Kay Ivey just last week. The marchers chanted “My Body, My Choice!”.

“Today was about letting Alabamians make their voices heard at the Capitol steps and all across the state,” March for Reproductive Freedom organizer Britt Blalock says.

Tensions ran high, as supporters of the abortion ban also came to argue their side. A few heated arguments took place between individuals.

“I support the abortion ban because I believe that life is life,” supporter Kiara Satchell saysl. “I believe it starts in the womb.”

The March for Reproductive Freedom were among the groups protesting.
Organizers say they are hoping the movement against the abortion ban will grow. They say they hope that everyone sharing their beliefs will get on board.

“I want to see these people that turned out to get plugged in with organizations and that are already fighting for reproductive justice and other progressive causes here in Alabama,” Blalock says. “We want to help them and empower them to elect new people in our state so that we can change the direction that we’re going.”

Others like Satchell say all life matters.

“The majority of abortions, the millions of them that occur yearly come from people who don’t have time,” Satchell says. “It’s an inconvenience to them and so I’m not condoning rape. But at the same time, that doesn’t make a life less valuable because of how it got here.”

No matter the side, there will be a fight through the court system until one side prevails.

“This fight isn’t over,” United for Reproductive and Gender Equality organizer Andi Lawhead says. “The Governor signed this bill but we’re going to continue to fight and we want everybody’s help in that fight.”


There were similar marches across the state, including Mobile, Birmingham, and Huntsville.

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