Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Tours Montgomery

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop in the Capital City Monday.

Early Monday morning, Sanders toured homes of some of the impoverished people living in Lowndes County, then traveled back to Montgomery to see the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which highlights dark times of the nation’s history.

“It’s a monument to the memories to at least 4,400 African Americans who, since Reconstruction, were lynched,” Sanders said.

Hundreds of Sanders’ supporters came out to hear from the 2020 presidential candidate himself at Mount Zion AME Zion Church in Montgomery.

Some people were excited that a presidential candidate chose Montgomery as a place to campaign: “I think it’s amazing because we don’t really get a lot of presidential candidates out here,” Montgomery resident, Carington Gaskin, said. “So for him to come here and to show his face and meet us and talk to us, it really shows that he cares. Montgomery has a lot of history, so I think that it’s great that he’s here to see some of that. ”

Others came to hear about the policies he would put in place if he’s elected as the country’s next president: “We’re going to invest in our young people in jobs and education,” Sanders said from the podium. “We’re going to do away with so called right to work legislation.”

After hearing Bernie speak, some said they’re not sure who they plan to voting for in the next election: “I’m not sold as him as my vote for the Democrat nominee for 2020,” Mark Coleman told us. “I love how he’s pulling the entire conversation to the left. I think its important, so I’m here to show support for that if not the candidate himself.”

About 400 people came to the church. Sanders’ next campaign stop is in his home state, Vermont, later this week.

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